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5/23/2015 9:05:12 AM
I took a taxi from my house to my friends house after haivng two drinks, and was dressed up to later go out. I have previously paid for this trip $11; and drive the route myself more then once a week. When I got into the cab, I felt uncomfortable with the greating (I am an 18 y.o female uni student) from the male cab driver saying something about my appearance. He then turned the car around and started driving the opposite way to the destination! After I tried to reason with the driver and tell him how to get there but he pulled over saying he was lost and took forever to turn on his GPS even though I was telling him where to go. I was scared as it was dark and he pulled into a driveway of an abandoned block on a small one way road. He finally took me to the destination charging me $23 (so double the usual fare). He then asked for my mobile number, after a big NO' from me he asked if he could add me on facebook!?!? NOOO! so appauled by this.VA:F [1.9.22_1171](from 2 votes) [url=]txurod[/url] [link=]otqwqqmaxf[/link]
5/22/2015 7:55:31 PM
Hello,Today I caught a taxi from Glebe Point Road at 10:30am and went to the Sydney Domestic Airport and was drppeod off around 10:50am. In the front seat of this taxi cab I left an sealed Alannah Hill bag with tights/stockings inside. I was wondering if they are able to be sent to my current address I am happy to pay for postage. This is very important. May I please contacted ASAP via the email address provided above.VA:F [1.9.22_1171](from 0 votes) [url=]bkogpumgo[/url] [link=]cauykbhqg[/link]
5/20/2015 8:17:45 PM
Although I haven't traveled in a Silver Service Cab I would like to make a coailmpnt about a very rude & aggressive driver I experienced at my local Westfield on the weekend. The driver abused me in his foreign tongue in front of my infant child. He blocked my access to the boot of my car. WHY you ask, he thought he had the right to a car space that became available several car spaces back from where he was parked illegally, he was not indicating that he was moving backwards, infact he only became aware of the car space after I indicated that I was to turn and the car leaving was reversing. I don't appreciate being screamed at abused and intimated for doing nothing wrong.The driver I noted on exiting the Shopping Centre was illegally parked in the Taxi Rank. Considering the bad wrap the Taxi industry seems to receive I can now see why. If you can't speak our language, follow our basic road rules how the hell are you allowed to drive us around!!I have taken the drivers plate no. If you are interested in further detail please feel free to contact me. I'm guessing from the negative feeds I have seen on your website I won't be hearing from you.VA:F [1.9.22_1171](from 1 vote)
2/23/2014 2:14:40 PM
Good Service
The service is really great ! the driver is on time and they are really helpful. I just used the service like for 5 times now and they maintain quality service for both the driver and the customer service. SA: )
2/19/2014 12:41:10 PM
The Best
I use the service many times, what amaze me is that i left my shades in the taxi cab, the driver is honest he gave me a call and he bring it back.. Amazing u all guys! the best! *c
1/19/2014 5:48:23 PM
I love the service
I love the service . Reservation to pick up and drop off. All great.
1/17/2014 9:03:28 AM
My dad is his first time on the taxi cab as usually he's got a car. Went to EWR from NJ my dad really appreciates the service. He keep saying to me that 5 star is number 1 cab that offer's great service. So thank's to your team. Will call you again on our return trip. Thank you. L
1/17/2014 4:14:38 AM
Great Service
Drivers made an excellent job to the airport.*i
1/16/2014 3:35:55 AM
Great Service
Very satisified with the excellent customer service. *i
1/13/2014 8:43:00 PM
everytime a had trips,i always have my trip booked at 5star taxi and limo bec. they rates are very affordable.thanks-R
1/13/2014 2:31:35 AM
good service
Everything is very cool. Keep it up. *i
1/12/2014 8:02:59 AM
as a customer i would like to thank you guys for making your passengers happy and satisfied for your services.Excellent job.keep it up.-R
1/12/2014 2:06:25 AM
excellent service
I will recommend this ride again to my relatives.
1/11/2014 2:39:19 AM
Great Service
The company gives so much happiness, Thank you.
1/10/2014 8:32:38 AM
Very helpful
I was so satisfied with the service. The driver very helpful. Thank you guy's. L
1/10/2014 4:25:06 AM
No problems with the service, perfect!
1/9/2014 3:49:53 AM
Taxi Cab
Excellent service. Cool drivers and cars were clean
1/7/2014 5:59:45 AM
happy customer
I was so happy when seeing your driver outside our house few minutes before the pick up time
1/6/2014 5:46:15 AM
Great Service
I was really happy with the service i had with you yesterday. Your driver was very friendly and funny. Very accommodating. Thanks! -L
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